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Tragic Change..

August 17, 2012

It amazes me how much damage a car accident will do your spine, especially your Cervical spine.  When Dr. McKay and I are reading the patient’s x rays, we know almost immediately if that patient has had some kind of traumatic incident.  Unfortunately, when a patient is in that incident the spine changes to a degree that can be harder to fix than someone who comes in with a condition as simple as forward head posture.  Both are fixable, but the sudden tragic change of the neck during a “whiplash”, is a more tedious process.

This sudden change stretches the ligaments and muscles that attach to the neck vertebrae permanently.  According to recent studies the cervical spine ligaments never regain their full elasticity.  This is why it is so important for you to let us know if you are even in a minor fender bender, because the spine changes that quickly and the degenerative process starts within 72 hours!

This degenerative process or arthritis will accelerate with time, making the spine even harder to fix.  So please let us know if you have ever been in such an incident, or in one recently.  Lets fix the situation before it reaches the point of no return.

On a personal note, I just started working out over at Hardbat Crossfit in Newark.  I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the setup Ian and Derek have.  Also, the knowledge they have about fitness and the commitment they have to making our community healthier was inspiring!

Check out their box,


Thats it for tonite,

Dr. Shaun E. Rinow



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