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It is all up to you!

August 20, 2012
Chiropractic is attractive because it works when traditional methods fail.
Many forget or take for granted the highly-targeted and personalized nature of chiropractic care. That’s because, rather than focusing on the condition in the person, chiropractic targets the person with the condition. It’s a revolutionary point of view with far-reaching implications that have permitted millions to regain their health after exhausting the limitations of conventional symptom treating.
Sadly, many chiropractic patients are never acquainted with this profound yet simple truth. Instead, they think their chiropractor is treating their headaches, with adjustments metered out like the dosage of more familiar drug therapy.
Overlook this and while you may bask in glory when their symptoms resolve, you are rightfully blamed when they don’t.
Remember, chiropractic ONLY works when patients have the desire, resources and capacity to self heal, independent of your technique, procedure or philosophy. It has never happened any other way.


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