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August 30, 2012

In my time as a Chiropractor, there have been so called “miracles.”  However, your spine being fixed in one visit never happens!

Frankly, what we do at Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center to fix the your spine is truly life altering.

One has to realize that pain is the last to arrive in your nervous system.  It happens at 40% pressure on your nerve. 

Literally it takes you to get to 60% or less of health to finally feel symptoms.  This is why I encourage you to get a look at your spine before its too late.

There are many people who come to us with spines that are unfixable, beyond the point of no return!

Because they didn’t do anything before they had symptoms, or ignored them before it was too late!

Remember, we are here to help YOU!


Also, to all those moms out there!  If your child has constant ear infections, there are alternatives to tubes!

Please call us at 368-1300.  We have helped children avoid surgery, 3 this year actually.  Don’t let your child undergo any undo suffering.  We are here to prevent that.

Have a good night,


Dr. Shaun E. Rinow


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