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How’s Your Runway Walk?

December 11, 2012

                                                  How’s Your Runway Walk??

I happened to be flipping channels last week and came across “The Victoria Secret’s  Show”. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that accidental, but none the less, there I was!

I was awestruck, like the rest of the male population in the world, by their beauty and in critically trying to figure out what makes them so attractive and alluring [aside from the obvious!], I realized this.

They all have such grace, symmetry and elegance as they walk up and down the runway.

Yes, I know they are all spectacularly stunning, but the way they move is a lesson that the majority of the people on the planet could learn to do better at.

So let’s take a look at their posture! [Can you remember your Mom telling you to “Stand up straight…don’t slouch”] As they stroll up and down the runway, their heads are erect, and balanced exactly over their torso…shoulders even and hips moving symmetrically to and fro, and their feet landing in the correct position. No slouching, no side –to –side imbalance of the hips, no “John Wayne” leading with one shoulder type of gait!!

I am convinced you could dress them all in an overly large, bulky sweat suit from their feet to their neck, and the grace, elegance and smooth lines of their posture would still stand out!

Okay…how about you? How would you do? Close your eyes for a minute and visualize you making the walk. [ okay , put some clothes back on…this is not R-rated]

Are you upright…is your head poking forward…is one shoulder higher than the other…do you lead with one hip…is one of your strides longer than the other…are your feet landing correctly or are you toeing in or out?

I am sure you are familiar with the biomechanist’s ability to analyze   athletes and their movement patterns and just imagine if they were “digitizing” your posture and movement patterns.


There is a wealth of information on the adverse effects of bad posture, the uneven  wear and tear on our joints, the accelerated degenerative changes in bones and discs, the unrelenting strain and stress on compromised muscles…so what can you do about it??

Here is an easy test to see where you are at…stand with your heels, hips, shoulders and head backwards against a wall. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones  whose job involves being stuck in a “slow death by chair” in front of a computer screen as part of a “cubicle farm”…this is not going to be especially easy for you…more so …if you are a guy! You will have difficulty getting your head, in a level position, back against the wall.

Pretend you have a popsicle stick clenched between your teeth and it is level with the floor. If you can’t get your head to the wall without tilting your head up to look at the ceiling…you have a problem!

Alright, if you can do that …that is great. Now try this…while maintaining your erect position against the wall…put your arms straight out at shoulder level, fingers intertwined …and slowly ,while keeping your arms perfectly straight, raise your arms over your head until your biceps are next to your ears. Make sure your feet, hips, shoulders and head are up against the wall and your jaw stays level.

If you can do that…congratulations! If you can’t, you need some work correcting your posture.

Maybe you won’t make it to the “runway walk” category, but your body will definitely appreciate it if you improve your posture …and the good news is that there are easy, simple things you can do daily, to move you in that direction…and your Mom…wherever she is…will be happy to see you standing up straight!


Dr. Richard c. McKay is a chiropractor and director of Advanced back & Neck Pain Center in Newark, Delaware






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